Bug report / suggestion

Hello dev’s, I usually don’t post or report bugs cause I’m not usually that involved in a game. However, I really enjoy infraspace. I have noticed that at some point in my save some objects/building that are colliding with other objects/building were unable to be deleted or moved with the delete/move tool. I.E habitats/powerlines is what I’ve found so far. I unfortunately could not find a work around to fix the problem and ultimately had to reload from a previous autosave to correct the problem. Thankfully I did not lose a huge amount of progress.

Some suggestions I have:
The district tool is used to select sections of your city and direct the products produced to other districts. I’d like to suggest part of the district tool to be able to highlight a whole section of your city that is separate from another city that you can adjust and change the production overview of the selected city and see how many more O2 production and etc. you need. rather than the production overview select and change the entire city.

Hi @bbynorth and thanks for the report.

I just uploaded an update that might fix this, but if it happens again, you can send me the borked save and your log files so I can easier track down the problem.
(settings → open saves folder → daniel@dionicsoftware.com)

As of the latest update, the road design system has completely failed. Replace deletes without removing the visual road, cars get hung up randomly and structures are disappearing between loading. (I was reloading to see if the road changes were actually happening.)