[Bug/QoL, Aesthetics] "access roads" can not be "placed" and do not align {copied from Steam}

I know this is no new issue, but with the really awesome grid, new building sizes, traffic control, etc. this became quite the (visual) issue.

First (Bug): The access roads snap more or less where they want (meaning the four sides of the building) - which is bad because it means that the player can not control where the traffic will be.

Second (Aesthetics): Additionally the access roads are placed where it does not make sense or rather they are not aligned with the building. Even if the “opening” or “garage/cargo bay door” of the building is facing the (only) road, the access road ends up “missing” the opening, so that the trucks drive through walls or windows.

While the first problem can be avoided sometimes (with awkward placement of roads and buildings), it is not reliable and makes planning of traffic in some areas/situations a moot point.

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