Bug or feature? Can't hook up pipes to adamantine drill

Hey everyone,

I’m finally well into the process of building my first adamantine drill (the drill itself is already finished, I’m just building up all the resources around it to make it run smoothly right now) and I’ve noticed that in contrast to all the other buildings needing methane (even the spaceship construction center, when needed), I can’t seem to hook up any methane pipes to it.
Is this on purpose to make the drill just a little harder to run continuously or have I stumbled across an unintended bug here? Or am I just not doing it right? I did make a pretty tight grid all across the drill to see if it would hook on at any point, with no luck.


I tried the same troubleshooting and ended up with the same problem. Until there’s a solution to the pipes methane can be delivered by trucks, as long as the roads connect.

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