Bug: New Pipes Update Using Old Save All Methane Disappears After First Save

So When You Use An Old Save:

Load The Save And It Will Put In The New Methane Pockets (Note - Labels Are Not Working On These Deposits, Though That Is Another Bug). Do The Research For Methane (Like Methane Drills, Tanks And Other Items) Then Build The Drills On The Methane (All Good) And Save The File, Then Exit.

Then Go Back And Load That Save - And ALL The Methane Deposits Are Gone. Ant Methane Drills Now Claim To Be Broken And No Methane Is On The Map.

Another Bug Is Around The Pipes Themselves. After The Save Is Reloaded And You Change / Delete / Rerun Pipes They Do Not Connect Correctly Or Not At All.

Confirmation With Others Would Be Appricated

I had something similar happen to me. Started the game with Alpha 10.0.210 and had some methane deposits showing on the screen. Did the research as described in the previous message and when I loaded the game this morning (Alpha 10.0.213), those methane deposits had disappeared. All drills were complaining about no deposits. This was a map started in Alpha 9.

Same thing happened to my save from the previous version.
Getting a bug where I build an undeletable number of copies of a structure and then lose the ability to select anything else after a yet undermined amount of time. Happened with a large sand mine as well as a road. I’m going to post more about it soon. Don’t know if they may be related to each other, but it’s a brand new bug I’m experiencing right alongside this one.

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