Bug in new Release?

Just started playing the new release and I think I found a bug for you.
When I go to save the game and delete saved games my game saves but the game freezes.
I’ve done it twice.
I have to minimize the game and close it to exit.
When I restart the game the save I made loads without issue and the game runs as expected.


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Hello Berrin :-).
You are right :astonished:.
First I thought it works without problems, but then I recognized I could not click on any settler or end the pause mode. Could click in the menus only but not on any furniture or walls e. g. . Had also to end the game with minimize and exit with right-click.
Please send a mail to daniel@foundersfortune.com with your issue description and a savegame :slight_smile: and please be patient, the developers just are on vacation for the next two weeks.

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Thanks for the report! It seems to work fine in the main menu, but not if you open the menu from ingame. I’ll investigate when I have time :slight_smile:

I’ve run across this bug and did some testing today.

It happens in the Save Game dialog when opened with ESC. It happens whether or not the game is paused. It seems all keyboard input is ignored. I have found the only exception to the mouse being unresponsive and that’s clicking on the Help button. This opens the Help window and upon closing the game works fine. No need to kill the game or alt-tab. The bug can be repeated as long as you have saves to delete.