Broken Update needs experimental branch

It looks like the devs pushed an update out that is broken. The devs should do like Satisfactory does. Have a experimental branch so it can be tested with the public so all these bugs are found and fixed before alpha release. It is ridiculous how broken it is. Broken trains, districts, no traffic lines. Just the 3 I see so far. Graphics on intersections are acceptable bugs that don’t take away from the game play. Make an experimental branch and avoid the big mess devs. Don’t make the game go from 5 stars to 3 stars for bad updates.

not making experimental branch is a choice since the game is in alpha player know that broken update can happen if they don’t want it they can just wait for more stable version i think.

(just my player/user thinking nothing bad)

As a developer myself, running an experimental branch is a good idea but not this early in the process. The coding and development at this stage is still very much a high speed process that would only be slowed down with having to run 2 seperate release versions. Once they get the majority of the features and ideas into the game, then I can see a seperate version for pre release updates.

It’ just a suggestion. But I can add a new broken feature. Saves do not load. It was all working fine last night and until noon time. I come back and now it loads the save game to the main menu. Tried to load the old saves and same thing. Another thing for them to look at. I think their small update broke it.

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