Hi all,

Great game, so far very addictive, played over 70hrs in my 1st week.

Could I suggest adding some sort of Blueprints so you can select a section of the map and save it, I do find it a repetative in some parts, would be nice to just be able to paste a large area down.

This would also be good if each Blueprint saved as a file on your system, the community could share there ideas of better layouts to help others.



I find myself making lots of small housing packages, and would like to be able to click and plop a ‘housing unit’ or a circuit production unit.
The building boosts also encourage the placement of ‘blocks’ or ‘units’

I also support blueprints

I think this was mentioned so many times that the devs are aware. But yes, even ctrl-c ctrl-v functionality would be great and would save a lot of hours, especially making lots of intersections on highways around a 15k city.

Yeah a copy/paste tool would be great with saveable Blueprints/Layouts you can save and use in later play-throughs.
I’ve not seen this type of tool and functionality in any other city builder, so creating sometime like this would be a game changer. Definitely worth the devs looking at this.
It could redefine city builders!