Bigger Bins Mod

Just built my first Mod and happy that it seems to be working well.

With the Alpha 11 update there were a small number of concerns about the new bin sizes, so I thought a compromise was to build a Mod that allowed the storage bins, food racks and shelves to hold more than originally intended. But at the same time not too large as to make needing extra bins unimportant to general game play.

It increases the size of all storage containers - bins, shelves, racks and barrels that now have a size limit on them.

They are not unlimited, so will still require extra containers to be built as the game progresses but still large enough to making getting started early in the game easier to adjust to.

The Mod can be subscribed to on Steam at:

Any feedback is always welcome and thoughts on improving the Mod or perhaps a different Mod will be keenly looked into.


I love the screenshot you made for this :smiley: