Better Trucks, Alternative Transport and Delivery Routes

I have found there is a huge problem with the amount of trucks on the road.

As far as I can tell trucks can only carry 1 of a resource, and so for each resource created there is another truck on the road. This causes major traffic issues when trying to saturate an area with mines or factories.

Taking concrete as an example, concrete production requires a high amount of input per minute as well as producing a high amount of output per minute. Concrete production creates a massive amount of road traffic between the mines, factories and warehouses. Traffic quickly grinds to a halt as all trucks choose the shortest possible route, even if it is extremely inefficient.

Trains don’t seem to solve this issue as they produce the same amount of traffic once goods have been delivered.

Some possible changes / solutions that would improve trucks overall:

  • Have a limit to the amount of trucks each factory / mine can operate:
    e.g. Each production building has 4 trucks it can use for deliveries. While all trucks are on delivery no more trucks can be sent from the factory.
    This incentivizes having production buildings close to the required resource.
    You can have upgrades that increase the amount of trucks per factory.
    This can tie in well with round trip trucks.
    This would reduce the amount of trucks on the roads and improve traffic but would potentially make it more difficult to get resources to habitats on time.

  • Have bigger versions of production buildings with multiple road connections:
    This will allow for incoming and outgoing trucks to be separated onto different roads / sections of roads reducing traffic around important connections at the cost of space.

  • Have upgrades improving truck carrying capacity:
    This would allow trucks to carry more than 1 of a single resource type.
    The extra resource could be overstocked in the factory requesting the resource, or sent to another factory requiring the resource after the trucks first delivery.

  • Improving truck AI:
    This would allow trucks to choose another route when they run into a traffic jam.

  • Have upgraded factories that directly connect to a train line:
    This would solve traffic around factory buildings as factories could directly send / receive goods from a train without trucks as a proxy.

  • Have factory specific delivery routes:
    This would allow the player to set specific routes for trucks from a factory / district to follow, overriding the basic truck AI of taking the shortest path to take a slightly longer path with less traffic.

  • Resource storage / distribution centers:
    This would allow trucks to be sent to a warehouse / distribution center that takes resources from production buildings and distributes them to other buildings within a certain range. This would aid in both traffic as well as improve city planning as all buildings would need a distribution center nearby supplying them with their required resource.
    These buildings could either stock a single resource or a certain amount of resource types.

  • Have warehouses (the current ones) with multiple road connections or increased input per minute:
    Currently warehouses have a very small amount of available input per minute. (It takes a long time for the next truck to be able to deliver).
    Traffic could be improved by allowing more trucks to enter the warehouse per minute or by giving the warehouse more road connections for trucks to use.
    Currently trucks will choose the nearest warehouse to deliver to even if there are many other factories delivering to the same warehouse, so some warehouses quickly become overwhelmed while others see no interaction.
    Some of the other changes may fix this such as improving truck AI, or allowing factories to have set delivery locations / routes, or having direct train connections, or allowing trucks to carry more resources.


Since you are seeing each truck carry 1 unit each, that means you set the Transport Difficulty to Hard. Try Medium (2 units per truck), or Easy (4 units per truck).

Don’t like all of those cement trucks clogging your roads? That isolate concrete production from everything else. You will need,

Sand miners
Sulfur miners
Concrete factories

Learned this lesson in my 2nd game: Concrete is for building only, and doesn’t need to share the roads with any other factories.


Have you tried putting your concrete production far away to the side, not connected to any part of your city? Since no connection to houses is required for citizens to reach the factories/mines, this solves a lot of traffic problems.
Also, using districts can help. The district tool isn’t perfect just yet, but very usefull allready. Just create a district covering your sulfur and sand mines and set the delivery of your resources internal only. This way these resources will not be exported. They might still import them though, which is why the district tool isn’t perfect yet. Off course, this is not neseccary if there’s no road/rail connection to other parts of your city.

My concrete setup is separated, it even has its own power grid.

It seems you don’t run into any problems as yours is very small scale.
My concrete production is many times larger. I have to balance between 8 warehouses to handle the production from my factories.

To clarify the original post:

Concrete production was just an example. I do not need help with my concrete production.

You’re right, I actually saw that and was about to expand on my post, but got distracted.

There are some tools that could help you manage traffic. You can divert traffic to a certain direction using the intersection lane-direction tool (if you click on an intersection), districts, and also one way roads, but those only help to a degree and don’t fix the source of the problem, which is the huge amounts of trucks.

I think road AI needs to be changed. I notice a lot of lane switching where it doesn’t make sense, which slows down traffic. Tools to influence that would be great.
I also notice that in order to enter a building, trucks don’t always make the most logical desicion. For instance on a sixlane two-way road, they use all lanes to enter a building, when instead they should just use the one lane closest to the building, alowing other traffic to pass.

This could be fixed to some extend by building a oneway road parallel to the main road from which they can access the building.

Something else I noticed with the construction of the Adamantine drill, is that more resources are being delivered than are required. If that’s happening for other buildings as wel (haven’t noticed it yet) it generates more traffic than neseccary and also increases demand where it shouldn’t.

As for possible improvements I would like to add a suggestion. The trucks delivering factory robots and such could be set up to service multiple factories. This ties in to the multiple units per truck suggestion, but corrently, one building needs one factory robot which still means it’s one unit per truck per factory. If one truck could carry for instance 10 robots, it could service multiple factories in one trip.

Another one would be the be able to set up transport routes from one warehouse to another warehouse, much like trainroutes. Warehouses become distribution centres, with (large) trucks carrying multiple items at once.

I think there’s much to be improved. But then again, it’s still early access.

I tend to put the sand mines, sulphur mines in their own separate districts. The concrete factories along with their associated material stores in a district of their own usualy a max of 3 to 4 concrete factories and one store per district. By using districts to control the trafic flow that enables the concreate production to be boosted by high tech tools and industrial robots as the concrete trucks will not leave the district.

When using trains as a belt bus and roads as conveyors it solves almost all problems