Awesome game!

I’m pretty picky about games but this game is really great! I signed-up here to ask if there are any future updates(new stuff) planned for Founders Fortune? Thanks!



Hi Solidstate77 :slight_smile:

Yes - there should be an update to v.1.1 soon (next few days/weeks).
Not too sure, but mainly general game fixes/improvements.
The Dev’s usually keep it quiet until it is about to be released - usually late Fridays/Saturday depending on where you live.

Mods have been quiet for a while but I know there are a few fans working hard on some cool mods. Though maybe a bit longer to wait.
I myself am working on a couple of mods, but they could be a while as there’s a fair bit of work involved (for me :laughing:).

You can also check out Discord if you want a bit of a chat or interested in building mods:

Anyways, glad you enjoy the game and have fun :joy:

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