Average House Level

This is not bug to say but ends the game if it happens.

If you are towards the late game (Yellow/Red Research) and need plenty of houses, if you make a mistake and the house drop levels and lose citizens it is impossible to gain them back unless you delete most of your work.

Houses will level up slowly with low amount of citizens but no new ones will arrive until your average is at a certain level, which you can’t get to because there is not enough workers but you can’t get anymore workers because your average is not high enough. Bit of a catch 22 and can really ruins the game if/when it happens.

You can test it easy by getting 150+ houses and having a decent layout then turn off all your production till all house are level 1/2 again. Then start your production again. Even if you only start things that are needed you still can’t level us cause it puts workers in places that are set to 0% production.

Solution: Turn off the average before new citzens arrive or if a production is set to 0% don’t put workers in them buildings.

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or if a production is set to 0% don’t put workers in them buildings.

does this not happen for you?

Using the production overview should be the way to change priorities and save the city from a negative spiral.

No, if I have 500 workers and building for 400 for example. The buildings will fill up with workers leaving me 100 workers.

Even if I turn the production to 0% the workers stop working but they are all still occupying the buildings.

So when you start going into the downwards spiral and are left with 150 workers all buildings seem to have equal amount of workers even if you have Concrete on 100% and the rest on 0%

So you end up not being able to create enough for the houses to level up unless you delete building so the workers move to other buildings

Hm, not sure if I misunderstand or what exactly is going on.

So if you have everything set to 0% and concrete to 100%, workers are still in electronics factory and the like? Does the slider not do anything at all for you?

It might be a good idea if you send me a save (settings → open saves folder → daniel@dionicsoftware.com) so I can see it in action.

Will do when I can.

But this is not the biggest issue. When you drop from level 5 houses to level 1 you lose a load or workers. Then because of average house to get workers back it will say 2.0 bet when all your house are in level 2 you still have no new workers because the average required is now 3.0 so it is impossible to get them back. You have level 3 house with 10 workers (level 1) instead of the 16 (level 3)

Might of got numbers wrong not on game at the moment.

If the workers arrived when the house upgrades and not have an average that will sort all the issues out.