Assorted issues in 1.5.377

  1. The logo on the Distilled Water Factory is that of ordinary Water producers rather than its own symbol.

  2. Localization of Holocinema and Theatre signage: I don’t know if the text elements are to be localized, but the current show titles are quoted in a German style „THE LAST OF TIKIS“ rather than in an English style “THE LAST OF TIKIS” when everything else is in English on the building.

  3. Some buildings like the Plastic Factory or the Stem Cell Lab, do not show a Missing Road icon if they are connected to a pipe network despite their need of a road for receiving/shipping some materials. Conversely, the Soil Enrichment and Recycling Centers do show the icon despite not having any use for a road. Could the logic be updated to only report a missing road when a building has an unsatisfied need for roads?

  4. No district control over immigrants. There is a Car icon in the district menu, but I don’t know what it controls.

  5. The collection/distribution system ignores the district system.

  6. The high demand for materials of the Spaceship Construction Facility is shown in the Production Overview, even for ingredients that have filled the incoming storage.

  7. If a collection center is connected to multiple distribution centers, after loading a game, selecting such a collection center will not list all of the connected distribution centers. How many is not clear, possibly one half of the list. Clicking on a collection center that has some connections will increase the displayable list size by one. Further increases in list size only happen if a selected collection center has a sufficiently long list of its own. In the simple case, selecting the collection center with the longest list of connections repeatedly will grow the list once per click. Deducing the exact pattern is too complicated. The exact same scenario applies to distribution centers connected to multiple collection centers. The displayable list sizes of collection and distribution centers are independent.

  8. Today I received the 5000 population achievement after restarting Infraspace and loading my city of 2372 people which was its peak population.

Sorry for capturing your thread, but I wanted to create the same topic today, so I’ll just contiinue where you left off. Sorted by severity.

  1. Fertilizer drone hub can’t contribute to terraforming. The stack size of fertilizer is 10 and the drone hub requires 8 of them with each production cycle. That means at the end of its production cycle it will go from 10 to 8 usually, leaving only 2. That immediately puts the hub into starvation mode, so it never does any terraforming progress. Even if you put fertilizer producers right on the other side of the street, due to the limited stack size there is no way for the hub to be in a continuous loop of working. Either increase the stack size for fertilizer to at least 16 or - my favored approach - make consumers use up their inputs at the start of production, not at the end. That way you will never have this problem with any building again, because the production time of the building can be used to resupply it.

  2. Habitats don’t complain about missing road connection. I had this at least once and wondered why my habs aren’t receiving citizens or upgrading. Since the habitats don’t have a progress bar that can explain the problem in clear text, this is extra critical because hard to identify.

  3. The new improved wind turbines are OP as f***. I strongly suggest going back to the old improvement radius or a bit smaller than that. But right now wind turbines are just bonkers. I replace all my power poles with wind turbines essentially and then don’t ever have to use any other power source, saving a whole bunch of workers. Only in very late game you may want other power sources like this.

  4. Not actually a new problem: Concrete and steel factories with the spaceship upgrade produce too much too fast. If playing on hard transport difficulty and enabling round trips then those two factories will have more cars going in and out of their side roads than the side roads can handle even at 100% usage. For steel for example, 11 cars need to move in and out of the factory per cycle (10s), for concrete factories it’s 10 cars. I am not even talking about productivity bonuses like proximity or high tech tools. I suggest simply making those factory’s cycle twice as long (20s). Construction material is way too easy at the moment anyway.

  5. Not actually a new problem: Power poles can be constructed in terrain that is not actually suitable for them. When placing several power poles at once by selecting a long distance to span, the flatness of the building ground is only checked for the last power pole in the line but not for those in between (might be the same with collisions). But you need to check each one of them. On the other hand I think power poles should have a more lenient flatness requirement. It seems too strict for this 1x1 building.

  6. On the new map there are some spots in the chemical fields where a chemical factory won’t be satisfied for its mineral deposits. Not sure if this is on purpose. When sprinkling those chemical minerals, you may have been a bit too sparse.

  7. (Not actually a new problem?): When playing on anything but the hardest transport difficulty, the order size of goods comes into play and causes a truck to deliver more than 1 good per once, e.g. 3 on easy. This causes goods to be wasted if the input of a factory is too close to the good’s stack size. E.g. a factory has full inputs and then consumes 1 of it. This will trigger a truck of 3 units to deliver goods. If it arrives at the factory before more inputs are consumed, then it will only deliver the 1 missing unit and 2 units go to waste. The same thing happens on the output side. For example my settlement is quite saturated with industrial robot and then one expires. The industrial robot factories have full outputs but now need to send out a single robot. They will immediately start a whole new batch. When it is completed, only one will go into the outgoing storage and the rest to waste.
    This is not a bug per-se, but has the nasty side effect that production numbers in the production overview will be off. You are thinking your production and consumption are perfectly balanced but in reality you are leaking resources and goods in all kind of places, making your production insufficient. Not sure if this is also the reason why you often have to overproduce for citizen demands.
    Suggestion: Allow storage of inputs and outputs to exceed the stack size of the good when deliveries arrive or production finishes. Use the stack size only to determine when orders are made or production is started.

  8. Achievements should maybe require at least normal difficulty for citizen requirements and transport?

The Superconductor Factory has the same problem. Showing the Logo of the old Iridium Propellant, which no longer exist in the game. Should be replaced by its own symbol.

There is the Park, Entertainment and School Icons that do nothing as well.
And the Spaceship Module Icon makes no sense, because there will never be a Spaceship Module on a road.

They do. But a pipe connection will remove the missing road connection logo.

  1. The crude Oil Field is layered above the buildings. If you build a train station on an oil field, you cannot add this train station in the Train Lines menu. Same with the distribution center. You cannot link a distribution center build on an oil field to a collection center.

Thanks for all the reports. I’ll go through them and add the important ones to our list later.

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