Assorted 7.5.145 issues

  1. If one moves a recycling center, the buildings under its influence lose the recycling upgrade and no buildings gain the recycling upgrade at the new location. Does not matter if the move is zero distance or far away. Buildings are correctly affected after a save/reload.

  2. Superhighway not touching or nearly touching other objects suddenly go into “Road is colliding with something” but no other object is marked as colliding with the road. Traffic is halted as the road is unpassable. Collision goes away after a save/reload. I have been able to reproduce in one instance by having an iron mine placement pass over the affected road segment while snapping to a nearby concrete road.

  3. Delete operator selecting road segments not near the cursor. I have several roads at elevation 1 crossing perpendicular to others at ground level. The affected segment highlights red even though the cursor is about 0.5 road units distant. There is another parallel elevated road 0.3 road units closer but it is only highlighted when the cursor is relatively close. Depends on camera angle.

I have savefiles for each of these cases if needed.

Thanks for the detailed report, I put them on the list.
If we could find a reliable reproduction method for point 2, that’d help a lot.

Fixed number 2, thanks for the save!