Area of Effect Parks, Stadiums, and Schools

I notice a lot of traffic jams in front of these buildings because they not only deliver their effects/products to homes with outgoing trucks, but also receive them with incoming trucks. Is that intentional or is it an unwanted side-effect of the recent “Area of effect” change? All other buildings deliver one-way and don’t have “returning” trucks.

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I think the idea is that firstly, the parks/stadiums/schools don’t produce resources, only effect houses inside their influence radius, meaning no outgoing traffic is reqired. But at the same time, these locations will generate traffic, so the game simulates that by sending trucks from homes to parks/stadiums/schools.

I think it’s a bit counter intuitive, but it kinda does the job. I usually build them one square away from the main road and let a one-way road run along the front of the building, parallel to the main road. That helps with traffic.

Thanks for your reply. While I do understand the outgoing traffic from parks etc. to homes because the homes “consume” the recreation product, I don’t understand the incoming traffing from homes to parks bringing the same product back. See here:


If this is only a workaround to simulate an “area of effect” then I have to say it is a very bad one. It contradicts the “one-way” principle that is applied in the entire game, and I would prefer to revert these buildings to production facilities, just like the oxygen and food factories.

I think it’s a workaround to simulate traffic generated by those buildings. I think presenting it like this is confusing and I agree it should be changed.

Btw, the area of effect kicks in right away after you place that building. You can see that when you check the requirements of the houses. In other words, the demands for parks are met (for houses inside its radius) as soon as you build a park and does not require a delivery truck to transport 1 plant-thingy to the park in order to fullfill that need.

Yes you are right, it is even worse than I thought. The trucks are only decorative to make our lives harder :wink: - especially because the number and frequency of trucks being sent back and forth is completely unknown.

Yeah, that seems kinda arbitrary right now as there’s no punishment for longer than exected “deliveries”. The parks requirement remains fulfilled, even if the “truck” never reaches its destination.

It get’s worse though: The park (and stadium and school probably also) only require an outgoing connection to function. So no incoming traffic is needed in order to satisfy the requirements.

… which is great news because we can cut down the related traffic to a half. But which also raises the question what was intended by the devs? I have a strong suspicion that the current implementation is buggy and that only outgoing traffic was intended.

As a sidenote, schools do not produce any traffic. Another bug I suppose.

also to note the area effect does not work if there is not a road connection, unlike recycle center where AoE works without any road connection.

Perhaps they intended to simulate that the citizen need to visit the park and then come home in order to fulfill their park needs?