Are there any Cheats?

Are there any cheats for this game to get a quick feel for further down the line. I cant make it past 5 citizens. I’m on the calm setting and still between getting rushed and attacked and my own people trashing everything EVERY 2 mins ! when I barely have resources to build correctly in the first place this makes it impossible. Is there at least a sandbox mode or similiar ?

No cheat or sandbox available for now, you have to find your way :slight_smile: when goblins are destroyed you have more calm to do your things :slight_smile: good luck

Ok I am finished with the game i guess thanks for letting me know i appreciate it.

Hi @DIXONCIDOR and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble. Some tips:

  • Watch your colonists’ mood and give them large food rations or let them talk to their friends if they are having problems. This way, you will have much less vandalism.
  • Watch the thoughts of your colonists to catch stuff like jealousy and make sure the beauty in their rooms is not too different
  • When the goblins attack, try pausing the game and assembling all of your colonists

We are releasing Alpha 7 next week, which alleviates some of the jealousy issues and makes combat easier. We’ll send an email to Alpha participants and you can either check it out or unsubscribe if you don’t want to, no worries :slight_smile:


I’m impressed that the developer answers questions, in fact, I am blown away, for this reason I will stay with the game indefinitely, thanks for being a dev team that is one step above the rest.


I have used Cheat Engine to cheat on my second play through.
All the resources and satisfaction are 4 byte.
I was unable to find the profession XP.
That being said Cheating ain’t worth it as it takes a lot away from the game.

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Welcome to the forum @axeblade346!

I’m glad you found cheating to be not worth it, haha :smiley:
We are thinking about a peaceful mode in the future or some alternative way to deal with the goblins. But the game shouldn’t be too easy.

I am so glad you are addressing the jealousy issue…while I love this game…I find too much time is spent on their moods…don’t mind the concept, but seems to take over the game. I get frustrated and have to start over too many times.

Yeah the mood system is far from final. Just tell us what you consider to be frustrating and we will give our best to get it right! :smiley: