Are the stones being restored?

Hello! There was a problem. I understand that new stones do not appear on the map? I had only a few of them, they ended and the miner did not even have time to reach the level of collecting iron. Help! (Sorry for the mistakes, I’m Russian)

Hello Elisa :slightly_smiling_face::wave:.
I understand you well. Ressources can be very little on a map. That is normal, I have only four apple trees on my map for example :wink: . You could train your miner by a bookshelf. You need for it and scrolls you have to buy from a dealer. Produce wood or clothing for selling.

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Exactly, how I forgot about the bookshelf! Thank you very much. I was just so upset by the fact of the disappearance of stones, which were so few that I completely forgot. That is, stones can also be bought from a merchant if necessary?

Not every merchant has stones on offer, but some will have an amount.

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@Elisa there should be more than enough stone on the map, maybe you need to expand your colony a little?