Answers requested! Are your colonists getting kidnapped?

I was wondering about if we balanced the kidnapping thing correctly. Not sure how often or seldom it’s happening for you guys. So I wanted to ask you: Did you experience any kidnappings? What’s the story and how did it go?

Did you manage to free your lost colonist and was it difficult?

Share your experiences, whether you got any kidnappings or not :smiley:

I have a game with 11 colonists and the quiet version. I have not had any Kippnappings so far.

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Never happened since it’s out publicly. Idk if it’s normal or not. :confused:

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I’ve never seen it happen, but then again it’s not clear how it happens? Is a kidnapping something that happens aside from the regular raids? Like to they try to snatch a colonist that has strayed too close to the Goblin towns?

If it doesn’t happen outside of raids, there is no chance that it could have happened yet, because I always decimated the goblin raiding force. Perhaps I’ll start another playthrough with the recent changes and maybe “get rid of” one of the colonists who have too many problematic traits.

Can’t make hats out of them like in Rimworld :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, maybe you guys are too strong and they don’t get a chance :smiley:

Bonjour, j’ai un village avec dix colons et je n’ai jamais eu d’enlèvement, je n’en connaissais même pas l’existence.

I’m playing the dangerous game. And until now we could defend the folks, no one was kidnapped. After beating a two-hut-village, attacks came from an eight-hut-village very near. I feared the first attacks, but until this only three max. four tikigoblins came to us. The worst case until now was a unconscious peep with a health lost of three-quarter.

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