Another wishes bug

I had 2 colonists who had a wish to have a shelf for campfire food in their room. Each colonist has their own 5x5 room with a sleeping bag inside.

I alredy had a shelf in the common work house so I moved it to one of the colonist’s room and BOTH colonists had their wishes fulfulled, not just the one who’s room I moved it into.

Are you sure they wanted it in their room, and not their house?

I’m going to guess that the “common work house” was not attached to the bedrooms in question, but the bedrooms were attached to each other?

Some wishes/furniture are for room, some for house, and other for the colony.


Yes you guessed correctly. The common work house was a separate building and the bedrooms were all attached.

I guess I failed to see the difference between room and house. Interesting… Thanks for clearing that up.