Am having a problem with buying scrolls off traders

When I do even with scroll stand and scroll storage nothing ever goes into inventory I just loose coins , items ,supplies for the trade

Hi @NZDevlin, what’s your game version (lower left corner on the main menu)?

12.2 I believe it is pretty sure it’s fully updated

So there is no error message when buying, you spend some coin and don’t receive a scroll?
That sounds like a bug. You can send me a savegame when you have one that’s broken this way.

Me and my partner play separate games and hers does the same , correct no error message just loose whatever we spend or trade to buy it , please add me on steam or leave your email here and I will send both save games for two different games doing same thing , I’m assuming it’s a bug quite weird nobody else has noticed this tho

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Where are my save game files located ?

Nevermind I figured it out , have sent the save game files to you

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Via email …

Don’t need to make multiple post for it he will see it and respond as soon as possible :slight_smile: good luck

I liked your post immediately after you made it @NZDevlin, didn’t you see? :smiley:
It’s just the weekend now and this bug isn’t super game breaking, so it’s planned for Monday.

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Alright @NZDevlin, so I just had a look.
In Dee’s new game, there was no trader at the moment, so I decided to just take a look at “dev now”.

But I couldn’t reproduce the issue.
Basically I’m trading…

… and then have 1 scroll in the inventory.

Further steps you can take ot investigate the issue:

  1. Make sure in the main menu in the bottom left corner it says Alpha 12.2.2.
  2. Load exactly that same save file with your game.
  3. Execute the purchase, double check the scrolls have indeed not added to the stockpile.
  4. Shut down the game and send me the Player.log file (next to your saves)