Alpha 9 High CPU usage

So I started a new dangerous playthrough today and am seeing a drastically increased CPU usage. From what was around 50% it no is constantly over 70%. Temps are up a bit as well but still within range. Anyone else seeing this? All other games (NMS, Astroneer for example) are within normal ranges.

I have no clue what my cpu usage was before alpha 9, but about 15 minutes in to a normal (exciting? I forgot what the terminology is) colony, my cpu usage seems to stay between 50-60 percent. Considering I don’t have a very new cpu and am running several chrome tabs at the same time, this doesn’t look bad to me so far. I’ll keep an eye on it as my colony develops.

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Are you having an issue with framerate or are looking at the cpu because of temperature/power usage/fan noise?

You can display the frames per second with F1 by the way.

I haven’t checked the framerate, but also haven’t seen anything bad. I checked with a utility to see the utilisation of my cpu, which gave the above mentioned numbers.

Due to real life stuff, I think I made not be able to play much more the coming week or so. If I find anything strange, I’ll mention it here.

FPS is around 140 and currently CPU use looks sort of normal again within 50-60% usage with lots of dips. Maybe it was a hiccup, I’ll keep an eye on it. It still is quite an increase from idle around 10%, but not unseen before for FF. Edit/Addendum: In comparison GTA V and Arma 3 both sit around 40-50% CPU with lots of things going on. Not comparing the games 1:1 just saying that it seems a bit high in general for such a “small-ish” game.

so from a game dev’s perspective very often it’s irrelevant how much time the CPU takes for a frame because for most games (Founders’ Fortune included), the graphics card takes a lot longer than the CPU anyways.

There are optimizations we can do, but won’t result in higher fps unless the graphics are also optimized. But 140fps sounds alright :slight_smile:

Just a head’s up - issue seems resolved. CPU usage back to around normal levels, can’t reproduce any more. FPS is still fine.

Awesome, glad it’s resolved :slight_smile: