Alpha 9 brings Diplomacy and armored Goblins!

Hello everyone, it’s been 3 weeks now since the Steam release. We fixed a lot of bugs but didn’t talk too much about the next update.

So here is a small summary to give you some info on the upcoming Diplomacy in Founders’ Fortune:

I hope you’ll enjoy :smiley:


So I’m looking forward to negotiate with the different tribes and the guild :smiley: . You can even demand tribute yourself? Very well! :+1:

Will be the new features coordinated with all the language versions and the wiki until 23rd August? That’s certainly a lot of work, I guess.

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Wiki will be updated when we have infos the dev don’t manage the wiki ^-^

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Okay, I understand finally: the wiki is practically the first mod :wink:.

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Yeah. Typically the translation doesn’t take longer than a week. Especially now that we only have to maintain each language and not translate everything from the beginning, there isn’t a huge amount of new stuff each update.

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Wow, what an awesome update!
I’m on board the hype train for this one!