Alpha 8.0.6 and the last few updates

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Hello fellow colonists!

Some of you might have noticed the string of updates during the last couple of days and those who were around in the previous Alpha’s are already used to lots of updates coming out right after the release of big update.

Fortunately, the launch went over quite well bug-wise with a lot of reviews applauding the stability and performance of the game. This is in big part thanks to our secret pre-release test group, which consisted of a couple hard working community members and translators who found some bugs before the full version went out to the rest of you :wink: So thanks.

Nevertheless, some things go unnoticed or occur only in very specific situtations, so the last couple of days I rolled out some bugfixes, with Alpha 8.0.4 being released today. Since a couple of people were interested in what changed in all of these updates, I wanted to give you a quick overview:

New Features

  • There is some new furniture in decorations. Something very quick and simple, but why not? :wink:

System Changes

  • Doctors can now fix their own limbs
  • The writing technology no longer requires you to unlock gardening, to make training your doctor (and other professions) early on more easily accessible
  • Changed the formula that calculates hurt and broken limbs (should be more rare now)


  • Wooden swords now equippable
  • Fixed a bug where games couldn’t be loaded if during saving there was a bug infestation going on where some, but not all of the plants where deleted by the player
  • Fixed another loading bug where doors didn’t know which wall they belonged to
  • Fixed about 5-10 smaller bugs which were reported by our automized error reporting tool. (Though all of the issues were small, one issue logged over 2 million error messages in the last couple of days. I tried to clean up the database, but had thousands of new error reports within the minute :open_mouth:)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t grab windows properly (@thomasjohn)
  • Fixed a bug where you could steal goblin’s cages and torches (I see what you did @JordanPANDA)
  • Fixed a bug where important possessions wouldn’t update if game was in pause mode
  • Fixed typos and included translation fixes
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn’t go into tiny rooms because of AI navigation issues
  • Fixed a bug where foliage wouldn’t properly vanish when objects were placed on top of it

I think I forgot some minor things, but that’s ok. I also didn’t fix every bug in this update, and that’s ok too :slight_smile:

Keep the feedback coming and thanks for all the nice words. We’re can count ourselves happy to have such a supportive community.


Just Released Alpha 8.0.5, here are the changes

Founders’ Fortune seems to be pretty stable now, so I expect this to be the last minor update before Alpha 9. Famous last words, I konw :smiley:

New Features

  • Can zoom in and out with the keyboard now
  • Can configure camera movement speed in settings
  • Walls now have strength modifiers. Fortifications take much longer to take down
  • Furniture wishes are now only fulfilled once the furniture is built


  • Fixed a bug where watchtowers had magical flying powers. That was fun :wink:
  • Fixed a bug where furniture would have snow indoors in winter
  • Fixed a bug where you could move beds when people are using them
  • Fixed a bug where people wouldn’t sleep in Founder’s Beds properly (Gold Supporter Package)
  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the favorite food trait would prevent colonists from fulfilling the “variety of food” expectation
  • Fixed a bug where the payment level UI didn’t update after reloading
  • Fixed a bug where people with broken arms could still fight
  • Fixed a bug where a doctor with a broken arm couldn’t fix their own arm
  • Fixed a bug where a colonist that evaded death because of the survivalist trait would still be marked as “unconscious”
  • Fixed a bug where you could do multiple flu treatments at once by chaining them with shift
  • Fixed some a bug where a colonist would stay unconscious indefinitely

Just Released Alpha 8.0.6, here are the changes

As predicted, new bugs have been detected, so here is another batch of fixes for you guys :smiley:

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue where colonists would leave their watchtowers. If you have a save where this happens more or less reliably, let me know.


  • All stone fortifications are now stronger than wood fortifications
  • Goblin club is less valuable for trading


  • Fixed a bug where goblins forgot how to attack walls
  • Fixed a bug that prevented save file loading
  • Fixed a bug where rescuers didn’t put wounded people in the bed
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t destroy Tiki torches
  • Fixed a bug where a workbench in a 2x2 shed was inaccessible
  • Fixed a bug where soldiers would earn experience by walking to battle
  • Fixed a bug where combat mode would wake up unconscious colonists
  • Fixed a bug where the green selection marker was below the colonist if they were guarding a tower.