Alpha 12.1 Fixes + Balancing Changes

I’ve spent the last couple of days listening to your feedback on the update and prioritizing the most important bugs. Alpha 12.1 is supposed to address most of it.

Balancing changes

  • People age 12% slower now
  • If that’s not enough, modding aging speed is super simple now (just change the days variable in gameConfig.json)
  • It’s now forbidden to trade when your stockpile is already full (earlier, the new items would just disappear)
  • Insults are a little bit less strong
  • The good or bad outcome of conversations depends more on the natural relationship tendency between the participants


Improved relationship panel now shows the natural relationship tendency between people as well as info on children:


  • Fixed a bug where a child would die of old age instead of growing up
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t load a save if a migrant had built a snowman
  • Fathers are called “father” now
  • Fixed a bug where you weren’t able to store the elixir of life

I have heard some reports of children not being born despite the conditions being fulfilled. If you encounter an issue with that, open a thread about it and let me know! If it turns out it’s actually a bug and I get a broken save file, I can easily fix it.

Alpha 12.0.1 also fixed a bunch of smaller bugs here and there, I released this one silently short after release :wink:

I hope that improves your experience :smiley:

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Hi everyone, I just uploaded Alpha 12.2. Here is a quick overview for you:


  • Pirates arrive a little later and late-game tributes don’t get as high any more.
  • Migrants arrive a little quicker for endgame colonies (I spaced it apart too far, because I thought families would easily provide all the necessary new villagers)


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drink the elixir of youth if you didn’t have any healing potions in store
  • Fixed a bug where hugging a child could lead to strange teleporting
  • Snowmen can no longer be built inside (though you can still move them there if you really want)
  • Fixed bug where 1 lone floor tile on the top of stairs was not walkable
  • Fixed a bug where children were immediately angry after growing up for not having received a salary yet
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn’t save properly
  • Minor translation issues, typos
  • “Talk to other tribe” wish now fulfills properly


  • You can now load saves even if you don’t have the required mods installed (most of the time)
  • "Hug member of other faction changed to “tell joke”, because you need to be buddies for hugging and cross-faction relationships do not exist in the game as of now
  • In-game error logs now prints more details
  • Automatic error reporting tool now tracks long frame freezes to help with fixing it (see this post on Steam)

We’ve received a ton of feedback on Alpha 12 now and I think as a dev it’s now time to start thinking about Alpha 13. I’m still going to write down bugs you report and feedback you give, but unless there are any gamebreaking things, Alpha 12.3 is probably not going to be necessary. :smiley:

Happy playing!

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