All Watering Cans

Thought I would put this little Mod into the Steam workshop as it adds a little bling for the gardeners :slight_smile:

Did notice a post in the Steam Workshop about a problem in game, but I haven’t had any issues at all with this Mod and have been using it for over 15 months now.

So if anyone is having a problem please post and I will look into any issue with it.

Happy Gardening,
roo :slight_smile:

PS: The 3 farmers arrived looking this way, out of a village of only 8 Foundies :grin:

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Just an update for anyone experiencing issues with finding the new Watering Cans, this may help:

Try rebuilding any existing Masonry Foundry or iron Forge.

When using this Mod for the first time in an existing game, you may have to rebuild your old iron Forge and Masonry Foundry as the game remembers the old recipes in any older Game Save so you will need to make new Forges to overwrite the old Game Save.