All transports on route are lost when changing lane layout or road type

Hello fellow outer space entrepeneurs,

every time a lane assignment is changed or a road type is updated all of the traffic en route using that road segment is eventually lost, meaning cargo dispatched before that change will eventually be deleted at some point of the way. This can amount to a large amount of cargo if, for example, a collection and a distribution center are significantly far apart, and, subsequently, to immediate resource shortage at the destination ultimately resulting in habitats being downgraded.

You can avoid this, however, by saving, quitting and loading your game, and once loaded all traffic en route will progress as expected. This tells me that there is some sort of wayfinding algorithm that can be applied after dispatch. I realise that this is probably a rather costly operation, and that it would probably bog down the game significantly if performed globally after every change in road layout or lane assignment.

But maybe it is possible for cargo trucks to attempt finding a new path at least once before being deleted, even if that would then result is some performance penalty for a certain period of time. On the other hand the operation cannot be that costly, since it is performed literally every time a truck is dispatched, which can amount to a quite substantial number in the later stages of the game.

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I can confirm this.
This only applies for the routing to- and between distribution and collection centers.
If no distribution/collection center is involved, you can move roads without the trucks disappearing.
This needs to be fixed by the developers.

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Frankly I didn’t realise this only applies to traffic from, to and between distribution and collection centers - but yes, that’s accurate.

This problem also applies to the big Construction Material Storage.

and not only the traffic on the section you’re editing, but traffic flowing into the edited section for a good 10-20 seconds after editing…

Consider it the cost of road reconstruction. Break down a road and pay the price in a few (or a lot) of cars being reissued and some resources lost.

There IS a way to do your roadwork almost without loss. It involves making alternate routes and changes lane assignments to force traffic through the alternate before your reconstruction.

You pick you preferred poison. Even with 6 laners the cost of lost time/resources is pretty small.

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Never consider a bug a feature.

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