All of my colonists are Male

There appears to be an issue with gender RNG. Having all colonists in the same gender isn’t exactly great from the game play perspective. I am at game year 6 right now and the only Female colonist I ever had came as immigrant at very old age, she had only about 20-30 days before passing. Now I got 6 colonist and 2 dead from an old age.

I tried to edit the save games to alter genders but the file are protected by CRC of some kind making edit attempts next to impossible.

The change of getting 8 colonist of same gender in a row with a pure RNG is 1 out of 256

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Think my record is for 10 females in a row.

Had a few games with 5-6 females starting, but more rarely had 5-6 males in a row.

I know its randomly selected, but I’ve had lots of coincidences… :crazy_face:

Guess its the luck of the draw and they usually balance out over time.

If you want more variety, save your game just before an immigrant arrives and if its a male just reload the game and you will get a female within 2 or 3 tries.
Its not really cheating if its correcting a bad imbalance in your immigrants female/male ratio’s :sunglasses:

The saves are not encrypted, but saved in binary, making edits really difficult. Editing genders is prone to create bugs, but saving the game before a migrant arrives and reloading is a hack that works.