Adding new buildings to the construction menu

What is the best way to add new buildings to the construction menu right now? The way described in the tutorial is outdated and does not work anymore ever since the UI was overhauled.

I tried adding it through the constructionCategories.json with a single entry, but that failed because the original file only has categories as a single root entry, and it’s one big list. I can’t use this file to just add my building without defining anything else, because I can’t specify which category I want to add it to. I also cannot use a patch for the same reason, because I could only replace the whole categories item with it.

So what I’ve done instead is to add constructionCategories.json to my mod, copy the entire original file content from the current game version over, then add my new building in the respective entry. This works, but I understand that my mod will be grossly incompatible with other mods trying to add new buildings, too. Is there a recommended solution that works better? If not, then maybe I’ll just try adding my building with a script instead of relying on the json files…