Accidently killed a trader, have no way to get first scroll, they hate me

Alrighty, pretty hooked on this game but the new game been playing, i guess one of my guys accidentally killed one of the traders and for the first time they are beefing me and bum rush me out of nowhere all the time and its BRUTAL! at least with the pirates i get some time to prepare and make sure everyone’s got a weapon and armor equipped.
the REAL problem, is that this happened before I was even able to get a first scroll, and now, since they wont stop trying to wreck me, i cant get basic medicine! and the bastards are getting tougher . I’ve given them gifts which is the ONLY thing u can do to increase relations with the traders, and its maxed out. and its at -12 so these mf’s will strike again. looks as tho the only way for me to increase relations anymore is to bandage them up the next time i beat them up. IF i can! i barely survived the last one.

anyone know if I’m missing something here with fixing the relationship? ive given them tons of large presents but the bar wont budge anymore.
has anything been implemented for another way to get some scrolls?
i had to merk 2 Tiki- tribes at the start cos they were gunnin for me right after pirate raids, they had to die.

Hey @Brentlygt!

It seems like you have fallen into a circle of fighting with the traders :slight_smile:
The presents are a good start, but if the relationships are really bad, you really need to make sure to fight as little with them as possible. One solution could be to distract them when they come and run away. Another (extreme) way would be to let them ransack the village while you move your most important stuff and your villagers out of the settlement.

Bandaging is a good thing to do after a fight, but ideally you try to avoid any aggression towards them.