About the Well

I once mentioned that with two or more Wells, the Farmers still go for the first one Build instead of the closest, didn’t you try to fix that ? cause now they completely ignore the existence of the second Well just standing there showing that no path thingy if the first Well is already in use. Okay they do have more Pathfinding issues like on the Field when i have all three Farmers on it they block each others paths even though its a OPEN FIELD :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the farmers go to the nearest well. But I have built different field pieces/pictures and have two wells. Both are used, depending on where the farmer stands. Perhaps you mean complaining farmers about used wells by an other farmer?

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jea they complain instead of using the 2nd well right next to them

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yeah, the “find the clostest well” thing should work fine and the “complain if you can’t find a way” seems to work fine, too.

The problem now is that they only try to find a well once and don’t search for alternatives :smiley: