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Please sir help me
I am build Road after build road is not show on game map i see only road shadow but
Road not show and when i am build building
And start work Traffic is not working because of road not build dirty road show please friends help.

Hm, does it still not show the roads when you reload your save?

If so, you can go to settings → open save folder → and send the save to me at daniel@dionicsoftware.com and I’ll check it out and upload a fix.

I had to start my game over after the Traffic Lights update. After starting the game over, I do not see an icon for building Traffic Lights. I also have a issue connecting the Train Stations. The problem being the rails in the Train stations. Instead of the rails alternating in and out, my stations directions go: out, out and in, in. I have a screenshot Train Rails

Thank you for any help

Sorry for the late response. To build traffic lights, just click on an intersections. Train stations changed the rail directions based on community requests.