About Modding in Founders’ Fortune

This thread is a place to discuss the new modding in Founders’ Fortune article.

If you think we should or shouldn’t prioritize modding in the near future, tell us here :slight_smile:

What ideas do you have for mods besides normal Founders’ Fortune content? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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Since i’ve seen potential you can do with your tools i think it could add oportunities with mods i’m sure people can be creative when a game interest them it could also give you (dev) idea for the future etc.£

i’m very excited for modding and trying it myself i think it’s a good think with steam release you’ll have a good amount of modders ^-^.

Anyway ! love the idea but idk if it’s a thing to prioritize but yeah the far i’ve seen i’d love to see it soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s my thoughts on modding and the effect it has on creating new customers. I think modding should be added after your game has finished Alpha and Beta stages and progressed to a finished retail version. There should be a boost to sales at that time, and once that initial period of sales activity settles down, you could add modding to give an injection of fresh customers. That’s the model that Bethesda uses. They always hold back modding until the initial sales interest dies down. Once modding gets under way, it can help to keep a game relevant for a long time. Look at Skyrim, for example; eight years old and still active because of modders.


Like Deputy allready said… Wait with mods until it’s finished.
Modding can add costumers and keep people playing it more, it also gives you devs less room. I.E.: You are busy with an update, and just before you release it, somebody releases a way better mod than your update and you devs are being laughed at.

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Haha, I’m not worried about anyone releasing a better mod than our development. If that happens, I’ll ask them to join the team :smiley:

Interesting ideas everyone, I’m glad you’re thinking about the game’s future like that. There are 2 reasons why I’m thinking about modding now:

  1. It takes time to grow a community and for them to learn the modding system. If Founders’ Fortune should have cool mods, there needs to be some time for modders to get to know the tools and release some simple stuff before we can start seeing large mods.
    I don’t think you can really compare it to Skyrim and Bethesda, since large studios can operate on way longer timescales than what’s possible for us.

  2. Modding support is actually not that difficult. In the post you can see some of the tools we already have and because of the supporter packages, a lot of integration is already done. It shouldn’t take long to make some of them releasable.

Also, some people with experience in growing a very active modding community told us about how important it was for them, so I wanted to run it by you guys.

Thanks a lot for the feedback though, I’ll take it to heart. Maybe we won’t make modding a big focus for one of the next updates, but only make small steps here and there while working on other gameplay things? We’ll think about it :slight_smile:


Since the same people are here making the same comments, I might as well chime in.

Actually, your post provided significant relevant information @Daniel. Since the tools just require a bit of polish, and are so simple and useful, I would suggest releasing them as soon as possible.
Although they may not be powerful enough to create major features (relationships, pets, z level etc) they will allow the community to assist in fleshing out the features you do implement, potentially saving you a decent amount of work, and certainly adding a lot of content the game would otherwise not have.

I guess the most surprising thing I learned from the article is that all of the founders rewards can easily be copied into a mod and therefore be made available to everyone. That’s the only real reason I can see to hold official modding support back until release, and its not a very strong reason imo.
One further suggestion: I wouldn’t try to stop founders reward mods, or any others. This game will end up on LL, as unsavoury as it is, and that just opens up a whole other market of users. Attempting to stifle mods that you don’t agree with is just a bad plan.


I would love to see it in the coming steam release and otherwise if that is not possible a later update. I would really like to be able to contribute to the game in some way!