Ability to prevent U-turns

Title says it all really… Trucks taking massive detours and clogging up traffic with their U-turns instead of using the perfectly good correct way I made for whatever reason is getting on my nerves


It doesn’t fix the problem completely (if other vehicles want to take that specific route, it stops those as well), but if you select the spot where the roads connect to each other, you should see intersection lines. you can route the traffic as you want with this.

They will still do a U-turn.

Yeah I’ve been running into the same problem a lot, makes it basically pointless to build complex intersections because vehicles will just take a shortcut that involves a u-turn.

I created a forum post because I too would like some ability to prevent u-turns. I tried creating a bypass road on one of my intersections for traffic turning left at an intersection. I disabled traffic turning left and no one used the bypass. Trucks just ended up doing a U turn. Also in another section of my city I have several blocks set up with roads going around them. I tried to cut down traffic preventing left turns on to that and have the trucks take the road on the other side of the buildings. They go half way between the next road and do a u-turn instead. If they went straight and did a left turn they would still be able to make all of their deliveries but with less traffic

I solved this issue with just using one way roads.


I don’t find two way roads useful unless they are “in city”. Everywhere else I use one ways. There is no return traffic so full roads are a waste of space.

Hello everyone. It’s on our list to make the AI use u-turns only in special cases. For now, they use u-turns if their route is shorter with a u-turn than without.