A few things

If I expand the size of a room then the item wished for and placed there is not accepted. If I move stuff around it still is not accepted.
This suggests that the beginning size of the room is locked as the maximum size. Why is that?
This would mean building a new larger room when resources exist and repeating the pissed off cycle as they demand everything again, as simply moving things into their new palace will not work :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my guys is envious of someone else’s room, which has almost nothing in it - rather odd no?
His own room is packed with everything.

They do not stay in their guard towers during an attack, making them vulnerable.

Apologies if these are re-posts :slight_smile:

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it depend of furniture with “beauty” add some furniture with high “beauty” and he will not complain anymore

If they are satysfied no need etc they will stay on it

You have to create a new one, simply moving out and in don’t work

If you think it’s a bug take screenshot and or send your save to Daniel (dev)

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Thanks for the response.
I have had actually had a great game yesterday/today, effectively answering my own questions, so all good :smiley:

It’s taken me 3 or 4 hard trials but I’ve managed to eradicate all the camps and gobs, so now it’s all about making them happy in their peaceful little world :slight_smile:


Oh… The beauty is a working mechanic already. I simply thought it was something they were dealing with later on, but had put numbers on it allready. Same goes for those wishes, I thought those were just about them wanting to have 1 piece of every kind of furniture.
In that case I think their should be a way to show how much beauty points they want, or how many beauty points a room has.

Btw, to complete their all their furniture wishes I have build 7x5 houses and everything JUST fits. My first experience

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You can see how much a bedroom has or a house has by selecting a bed in that room. No ability to see the beauty in rooms without beds though.