A few suggestions

Please forgive me if I am reiterating previous ideas or thoughts, these are just things I noticed:

  1. I know that you have an indicator above the actual person when they are selected, but perhaps their box on the left-hand side could be highlighted as well as a helpful visual of who you are currently in control of.

  2. Will there be female characters that you can choose from the beginning and some character customization in the future? I can appreciate the name, “Franz” but I’m only at 3 colonists, two are named Franz, and I’m already getting confused on who is who lol

  3. learning curve aside, will there be a tutorial added?

Again, sorry if I am repeating previous comments and such. I like the game and will be going back to it tonight when I have some time, but wanted to mention that stuff.


female have been suggested and they love the idea but not for now.
Names can be changed by clicking colonist then clicking the “i”


Thank you! I will have to try that when I load it up again :slight_smile:

Rename your characters…No more confusion LOL


That’s the idea, well, I hope. Feel kinda silly that I didn’t know how to rename them before I wrote that but meh lol


I have idea! Not sure how to put it, but you know how they have wishes? Well wouldn’t it be great if you could click on that wish and they get right too it? Like when they want to talk to some one, click! And off they go!:smiley:


Thanks for the feedback @Twisted!

About 1: It’s on my list to do when I get around to it :slight_smile:

About 3: Did you notice the ingame tips? We want to do as much explaining as possible through these ingame tips. What are the things that are not adequately explained in your opinion?

About 2: Pssst…


Also Welcome @HappyCinth
We’ll see :wink: