A few QoL suggestions

Enjoying the game so far. Some suggestions:

1] On the lower left side is the list of colonists followed by some icons, can we add their “current action” icon? Right now if I want to know what my crafter is doing I have to click on them to check.

2] Talk actions don’t indicate who the colonist is trying to talk to, can we add their name to the action’s tooltip? Sometimes I see one of my colonists trying to insult another person(!) so I want to know who they’re trying to annoy.

3] Can we have the option to auto-pause when a new map is started, and after closing a dialog prompt? E.g. when you get the “research complete” popup, after you dismiss it the game continues. I would prefer it to pause, so I can immediately assign new research before my scholar wanders away. I think most popups work like this. I would prefer the game to pause after dismissing them. Maybe a menu option?

4] Can we have a notification history buffer? Right now notifications disappear permanently - that’s fine because most alerts are for mundane stuff (e.g. someone gained a job level). A scrolling history buffer you can check will be useful especially later on when we get more informative notifications e.g. for quests, diplomacy, relationship changes, etc.


Good suggestions.
About 2: Did you know you can double click on their icons to jump to them on the map?

Edit: whoops, responded to wrong number. I’ll check back, I didn’t notice the icon was indicating the target person?

Ah, not the target person. But if Hans is talking to someone and you want to find out who he is talking to, you can (double) click on Hans’ icon to jump to him and then you’ll be able to see what he’s doing.