A few new observations

I’m playing a dangerous game.
I have 5 villages of Tikis and although 2 of them are friendly enough, it is seeming extremely frustrating to advance, as they all keep demanding my stuff. Whilst this is a great idea it seems a little overdone, or rather a bit too regular.
It takes a while to gather resources enough to build anything and then they come, one after another and basically steal almost everything.
I had a save game at one point to test something.
I had traded a load of stuff for 3 scrolls to advance bow-making. I manged to use 2 of the scrolls but they took the third. So I reloaded to a much earlier date and tried again, quicker this time, yet they still came and took the last scroll - almost as if they knew! :stuck_out_tongue: A bit weird but maybe it’s part of the mechanic…

Anyway, to keep them from attacking - they are way too strong and so it’s impossible to beat them early on really - I give them what they demand but that completes a vicious cycle and they take more and more % as I get to gather more. So is it a balance thing maybe?

On another topic - carpets.
There are a couple of items that do not have any translation so it’s tricky to know what they want. The rugs all look the same apart from their size/shape but it would be helpful if they were requested by specific name. The icon representing their request looks nothing like any of those that are listed.
I can suggest names based on their shape/style if you need.

With flooring - is it not possible to be able to overbuild existing floors to upgrade them? This may have been asked before - not sure.

As far as I can see, if there’s not a possibility to upgrade, then with the Tikis’ constant demands for tribute scaling with one’s progress it looks to be extremely unlikely that there’s be enough resources available to rebuild upgraded houses for them all. I may be wrong and we’ll see as my game progresses I guess.

It’s an excellent update to the game as a whole though, so no real complaints as such. Loving it - more difficult than before certainly and the fact that I may have to obliterate all competition (if feasible) is quite an exciting prospect :smiley:

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will be solved when dev come back from their vacation already know :slight_smile:

yes already asked about upgrade wall/floor

it’s a new feature dev need feedback to find perfect balance to satisfy everyone

Hi again Yuhg,

The carpet request is for any carpet as far as I can tell. The request rug looks a bit like one of the first ones in the listing, but I’ve used 4 different ones without any problems.
The dialogue for the carpet request is just missing, that’s all - will be updated later.

As for the goblin demands, I gave in to requests from the only friendly village in my game. The rest are all xenophobic and seem to have a death wish for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Just started my 5th year and had 10 attacks, some came back to back…
I couldn’t really afford most of the requests, so didn’t comply. Too many resources would have been lost and the first 3 years are a battle anyway.

Just remember if you do fight, some of the goblins have stone clubs (7 attack value) so steal them after you knock them out and give to your Foundationers. It really helps out and quickly beefs up your military resources - better than wooden axes :smiley:

Don’t forget to upgrade their clothing asap, makes a big difference in the larger fights.

Also accepted every immigrant, giving me 6 in the first year which helps out just through sheer numbers when attacked.

Well oddly Roo, in this first game I’ve played 7 hours on fast speed and easily survived many winters, didn’t count them - so food no issue apart from the thefts…I mean tributes…:slight_smile: Maybe I’ve been unlucky rolling a map with 5 villages but other than that they do not attack so long as I satisfy their greedy demands. Maybe this will change but hopefully I’ll have stomped them before that…I have a cunning plan! As long as I can somehow get those scrolls needed for later stuff…that’s a LOT of scrolls and not sure exactly how I’m going to pay for them and not have them wasted in tributes…

With the other stuff - I’ll look forward to the upgrade mechanic and agree that balance needs to be assessed over a little time, so I’ll plod on and see how I can perhaps still beat it :smiley:

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Yuhg, I would never ever give them scrolls. They can’t read them anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and those scrolls are too important for me. Have also a dangerous game, but “only” four villages. 1x 2 huts, 2x 3 huts and 1x 6 huts. Two little ones are friendly now, one is something in between and the six-hut-village is my foe (is xenophobic like the middle one). Until this I could defend all attacks and have got some wooden clubs and one stone club.

I agree with Roo, clothing is very useful. Even with normal worker dresses your pawns have way more chance to win the fights. Don’t kill the beaten attackers! This gives bad relation points. Treat them, if they have serious wounds and hold your pawns back (delete their automatic fighting order), when the unconscious tikigoblins arise. Your relationship will rise this way too :wink: .

With the new update the game has become more difficult (at the right way in my opinion), because you can be attacked by every village. Before you only have got attacks from one village near you.

I’ve progressed today to the stage where, because I killed some attackers they now attack me rather than asking for tribute. Luckily it came at the same time as I had built up my now 8-strong colony to be an effective fighting force :smiley:
Oddly, a little while earlier today the village of 3 attcked me due to tribute refusal. They came to my settlement, saw my watchtowers and simply ran away again…that was satisfying though not sure if it’s mean to happen like that.
I stole some good turtle armour and other stuff from them so I now actually feel confident of domination. Although my next challenge is a seven unit village pretty close to me which I think will be trickier.
I’ve established a solid revenue stream and full research is not too far off. With a blend of giving some what they want and dealing with the small attacks from others I feel victory approaching :smiley:

For my first game since Alpha…5 I think, it’s going better than I initially expected.
Difficulty HAS risen but it appears now that it’s no insurmountable at all.
I’m unsure of the benefit of leaving any friendly villages but I will assess that after dealing with the aggressors.

I just noticed something quite alarming. My guys were starving and yet I have plenty of food. It looks as though they refuse to eat raw food even to stay alive, as their preference is for better stuff. Surely that’s not right?

In combat mode they sometime don’t auto eat unless they are starving to death maybe it’s what happen to you :thinking:

Hmm…pretty sure I was not in combat but can’t be sure, so I’ll forget that as it hasn’t repeated itself :smiley:

The benefit of leaving any friendly villages is not committing genocide :wink: and I think you have more trading partners. Perhaps you can exchange some cooking recipes to get this tasty green soup in their cauldrons :yum:.

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Hi thomasjohn,

Very pertinent and apt comments. Not much fun running around an empty island :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes the green soup is actually mussy peas which is a favorite for some locals loaded into a meat pie :smiley:

To update; I now have maxed out my colonists and it’s all pretty good, as I expected, having been here before the updates.
I’ve decided to let some of the Tiki’s live, as that should be challenging to up my reputation with them - although it looks like it’ll be expensive to do so from ‘pure hatred’ level :slight_smile:

One thing I have just noticed is with fortifications and towers. The towers are not high enough for the archers to be able to shoot over them, onto the attackers trying to break the walls. This is so even if the towers are in the centre of the wall line. This seems wrong to me.