8 way Rail Intersection

I’ve been trying to ID the most effective and efficient method by which to create an 8 way train rail intersection and came up with this but is there a better way I haven’t thought of/issues that may arise from using this arrangement?

The primary objective is to allow any train to deviate from the main tracks (left to right and right to left in the images) to get to a station to pick up/drop off and then rejoin the primary tracks to go in either direction.
The secondary objective is to achieve this without each paired track intersecting any other (hence the height difference in each pair)

Is there another way or am I daft for even considering using 8 lanes of rail track all over my map? Interested in any thoughts and opinions. Cheers.

That is a thing of beauty don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Please let us know how it works once it’s full of trains.

I can’t even imagine designing a train network with so many rails. I can barely manage a single loop around the map.

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Cheers @Quantra appreciate you saying so! Yeah will do; once I’ve got it all set up, I’ll post another screen grab…Just hope it works in practice :slight_smile:

Truly a wonderful construction, look forward to seeing it in action as well! I respect the courage you must wield in building such a network <3

Thanks @ncprate - I suspect, in attempting to build a comprehensive rail network for all production, that stupidity and a hint of masochism is more likely rather than courage! :slight_smile:

I swear people use these forums to annoy me.

wdym (adding this so post doesn’t complain about under 20 characters)

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