3 Bugs: Roads, Iridium, Cinematic Mode

I have experienced 3 bugs so far:

  1. Roads
    Road segments will randomly “collide” - they’ll turn red and all the cars will back up at the node. The issue is that the roads aren’t actually colliding with anything. So, I’ll need to bump the node with the move-it arrows to refresh the segment. This happens randomly and often.

  2. Iridium
    All Iridium producing and processing assets are full and frozen. All are reporting their outgoing storage to be full. Unsure where those little cars got off to. There’s a warehouse right next to them.

  3. Cinematic Mode
    Once entering cinematic mode, it seems to be impossible to turn it off. Might be user error, but I had to restart the game to make the camera mode turn off.

Hi, do you know how you entered cinematic mode?

You just have to press F4 again to turn it off.

For iridium and and any other factories only export goods if they are needed somewhere else. The construction material storage only stores concrete and steel.

Hi @Daniel - I’m running IS on a bootstrapped mac so function keys don’t exist on my keyboard. I remapped cinematic tools to O and P which I think is what caused the “omg I can’t make it stop” bug.

So, I’m thinking the key remapping might play a role in the breakdown of the function.

Good to know about construction material storage. That wasn’t super clear and I thought the warehouses stored any excess resource or product. Any chance that an info window can pop up showing what’s stored in the warehouse when you click it to further clarify in-game what its function is?

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A problem that might be connected to issue 1:

In my game currently one of the uranium miners disattached from the road at reload. When I tried to fix this by adding another segment of road, now two miners are disattaching on reload. It can be fixed grabbing and moving the miners just slightly but reappears after a save an reload.
It seems to have to do with the miners remapping the attachment point at reload, since when testing I also found that when moving the 2nd miner to attach to the main road it changed it’s attachment point.

I’ll upload the save as an example of the issue and for testing.

I seem to have found the problem. The street was just slightly elevated. When moving the building it would attach to this barely elevated street but when seemingly remapping everything during loading it did not get it. I was able to fix it by leveling the street to ground level.
Savegames for both states are located here (Kiesch and Kiesch 2):
Savegames Bug

The remapping at startup might also be what fixes the non working recyclers that seemingly don’t attach properly. A reason contributing to this behaviour might be, that when placing long road segments, parts of the road might automatically be elevated (if some slope is present). In some cases this is clearly visible, but it might also just lead to an accidental minor elevation producing attachment problems.

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