2 bugs, industrial robots, highways

one thing that keeps happening is if i have a building selected that i want to guild (ghost mode of the building not actually building it) and i hover past a road the road becomes locked i need to then click the yellow lines that appear when you click on the road in order to unlock it. (locked meaning traffic cant pass)

second issue is industrial robots, i have the tech and everything is in the factory, however it states doesnt have workers, my priorities are set to 100% for it and when i build it it takes the 4 population however in the factory itself it states 0/4 workers and wont continue.

hm, can you share a save that’s zoomed in on the industrial robot factory in question so I can have a look?
(settings → open saves folder → daniel@dionicsoftware.com)

sent the save in question zoomed in on the factory, there is only the one factory though.

apologies no idea what happened but looking at it now even checked it before i sent the save, it was 0/4 now it is showing 4/4… not sure what changed it

I see. Hm, if it ever happens again, double check the production view, check if it says it’s at 100% staffed (not only priority, but also that all jobs are filled), save, reload and see if anything changes.

There is a chance it was a bug that disappears with reloading, and if it happens again, let me know.