11 ideas for expanding the game

Game development suggestions:
I have described below some of the ideas that I thought they should consider implementing in the game.

feel free to come up with your thoughts aboute them.

01 Achivements
I would like to suggest that you expand with an “Achivement” system. This gives another opportunity to keep extra alive in the game because some achivements will be harder to achieve than others.

Secondly, it also allows you to “compare” yourself with your friends in relation to what you have achieved.

You are already registering all the data in a database, so this extension will also be one of the “easier” ones to implement.

It is therefore also easy to find on 50-100 different achivements.

  • Achivements - Yes
  • Achivements - No thanks

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02 Factories and mines – Expansion system (3 or 5 levels)
If you developed so that factories and mines could be developed.

You could set it up so that for each level you expanded with, the factory could produce more, but it also required more resources.

In addition to increased production, it could also contribute to more road operations. So you therefore had to think smart.

The upgrade could happen, as in many other games from level 1 to 3 or 5.

Depending on the focus on population types - this could also be a criterion for being able to use the higher levels.

  • Expansion system - Yes
  • Expansion system - No

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03 Information text
When you have to build something, it can be difficult to know what the individual buildings are doing. in addition to what the small symbols / pictures show.

Small help texts, which described what function the building has, would be good.

  • Information text - Yes
  • Information text - No

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04 Training facilities or Health Clinic
By building training facilities, just like there are schools. Could one allow the inhabitants to develop in level, just as this could also be a requirement for some buildings.

This could also be a requirement for more advanced factories.

  • Training facilities or Health Clinic - Yes
  • Training facilities or Health Clinic - No

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05 Water and Heat
Now that the game takes place in space - then it would make sense to consider whether there should be an opportunity to extract water and heat. This could be a requirement for the population to get higher than e.g. level 3.

  • Water and Heat - Yes
  • Water and Heat - No

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06 Energy expansion
There could well be more elements in relation to gaining power, e.g. a smaller solar farm, a larger wind turbine, or perhaps an even larger solar park.

  • Energy expansion - Yes
  • Energy expansion - No

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07 Worldmap
A minimap could be smart when navigating around.

  • Worldmap - Yes
  • Worldmap - No

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08 Land expansion
It could be cool if one could research or buy new areas in the game.

Or maybe scouts who could explore new areas, maybe even with new resources.

  • Land Expansion - Yes
  • Land Expansion - No

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.09 Statistics
It could be good with a statistic so you could see how much you have produced in total.

This could be expanded with some statistics in relation to how the individual factories and mines run, so you know if they are in use or not.

  • Statistics - Yes
  • Statistics - No

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10 Multiplayer
The biggest desire for development is clearly the possibility of multiplayer.

Just being able to play together, with the same finances, would be a good thing.

Then you can always expand by playing against each other, or with individual economics at a later time.

  • Multiplayer - Yes
  • Multiplayer - No

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11 Warehouse
Possibility to produce and stock e.g. research packages. and the like.

  • Warehouse - Yes
  • Warehouse - No

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Feel free to come up with your thoughts aboute them.

Great that people choose to spend time answering yes and no.

But it could be cool if people told why they thought some of the idears, is a bad idea. so we could have the conversation

#5 sounds similar to the roadmap option in the game. #3 I think is a great idea for quality of life improvement.

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An alternative to No8, I’d like to see different biomes. Ice worlds, lava words, even just rock arches, that’d look cool :smiley:

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It would be nice if we could remove resources in the game. My city expanded into some resources and the roads just ran right through them.

In addition of #07, it would be amazing just to be able to zoom out more!

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It could be cool.

It could also be the way you got water and heat from.
Water from the Ice area, and heat from the Lava area.

I totally agree - it could also be an option, instead of a world map