0.6.1 Report

Some of these are critical:

  • Food status in colonist requirement is reset upon loading game.

  • Bow friendly fire. Bow line of sight issues. Bow not used taking out structures.

  • Colonist with bow in guardtower leave tower to engage enemy out of line of sight.

  • Cure Illness on self makes colonist walk in a circle.

  • A command to do an action given to a colonist on a destination that is to far away will be ignored.

  • A colonist “to far” away from any home will just stand there unless given commands. Sleep on ground and starve to death.

  • Farmer need healing plant filter. (Make healing plant Doctor exclusive?)

  • Craftsman want to fish in his spare time.

  • Research Icon continuously flash after finished all researches.

  • Graphic glitches when pulling corpse.

  • Some corpses disappear in environment and appear later.

  • Colonists have difficulties sitting eating at a table and prefer a standalone chair instead. Object collision are “everywhere” with chairs and tables.

  • Relentless assaults by 7 goblins from main goblin camp proves bothersome when pushing seasons in end-game. May I suggest a fixed amount of attacks based upon colony level? I had it very peaceful until I took out first camp as late as with 7 colonists.

  • There is an elevated chunk of land north of starting position.

  • Colonists will still want wood watchtower even after you have stone watchtower.

  • Soldier want a guard-duty option, similar to guard tower. Also Patrol. Ability to calm an angry colonist?

  • Angry colonist is easily countered with talking.

  • Clubs have 5 damage, same as sword. Bow have 7. Club need to be lower, something like:
    Bow 7 , Sword 5 , Club 2-3
    Bow 7 , Sword 7 , Club 5

  • Clothing: Doctors robe and farmers cloth are fine with 3 protection, could iron armor have 5? Or make similar changes as above. Also more clothes would be welcome, like craftsman’s apron.

  • More decoration items for variety. Wood/cloth chandelier? Candlestick? Statue? Fireplace timber?

  • Something to place on tables and dressers?

  • Walls are empty. Paintings? Signs?

  • Would be nice with ability to reset all satisfaction points. Perhaps a return to original state + points and give back negative traits.
    It is no fun to get wish to use satisfaction point at high satisfaction level when you only have traits that cost 4-5 points to choose.

  • Requirements for research can be doubled easily. (Beware that will require crystals that are placed far away from start point.

  • The chairs… doesn’t fit in many places :wink:

  • Sometimes colonists behave like house have no doors. Lifting up door and placing it again fixes it.

  • When many colonists are sent to same location from same location at same time, some of the colonists will teleport ahead and have a 30 meter headstart.

  • Stool’s have a tendency to get stuck and cannot be moved. (I believe because of tiny hitbox that need to be targeted).

  • Colonists need to be better disciplined at listening to commands. They should work to death if we command them to. A manual command should always be stronger than an automatic.
    At least a combat mode. It is awful to control combat.

  • Need AutoSave function.

  • Would much appreciate to be told how big the rooms of requirements must be at a minimum. 6x6? For both small and large house?

  • Return of resources when deleting structures. Especially iron.

  • Should furniture have strict ownership, or controllable ownership inside a house? (Random use of available furniture inside own household so all furniture is used instead of just the most easily accessed)
    To avoid that colonists for most of the time use whatever is closest. Which cause central housing to be clogged. Also be nice if they would respect the property of others and travel around not through.


Thanks for the large list :slight_smile:
I agree with most of them, so I’m just going to talk about clarfications and stuff like that:

  • Corpses disappearing and reappearing: Not sure I understand what’s going on here. Could you describe it a little more?
  • Also for the table-chair-eating comment: What’s the kind of problem you’re seeing?
  • The amount of attacks per year is random, but limited. Are you saying you’d prefer to have something like “3 attacks on colony level 6”?
  • Not sure what’s the problem with the wish for satisfaction points? You only get the wish if it’s actually possible to spend them.
  • Haha, where do the chairs not fit for example? :smiley:
  • If you find another issue with the door like you describe, could you check if it’s still persistent after saving and reloading?
  • What teleporting colonists?! Never seen that before. Are there any details you can add? Not sure how to reproduce that… But thanks for letting me know.
  • About manual vs automatic commands. Difficult to balance in normal gameplay (they shouldn’t starve by accident). Probably some modificiation for combat is enough to alleviate the issue.
  • Haha @JordanPANDA is adamant about the autosave, too :smiley:
  • “big room” is only 10 tiles

it will be as well to be able to select all the settlers during an attack. (maybe it’s possible to do that?) I choose colon by colon to send them to attack.

moreover, there is a spelling mistake in French in the research (Jardinage and not Jaridnage)

Already corrected for next update ^^ see the issue on github to see what already know about mistake etc in translation

  • Disappearing corpses: It happens when there are many corpses and a lot of activity. It’s like the game forget about one of ten corpses and remember it later. Many times I have cleaned an area for corpses only to notice 10 min later there’s still a corpse.
    Also I had a corpse that I could not bury, colonists would not interact with it. Even after I had moved the corpse by walking into it. This is not important at all.

  • Chair-Table eating: It is difficult to explain, it also varies among the different chairs and tables and how they are positioned. In general; Colonists don’t like to eat at a table. Considering only a select few combinations seem to work I consider it really broken. I have not tested this much, it is no fun when there’s also barely a way to tell what position an item is in, if say for a round table only two of the sides work. It is also difficult to tell what table/chair will work as your colonist pick the lone stool outside of house anyway.
    I have given this a lot of thought and how it affect gameplay. While I wouldn’t want you to use time/resources to fix it. I believe, like said before a total rework of chairs need to be done. This is a lot of work.
    I wouldn’t want to lose the ability to make standalone chairs and tables. As making them function well individually is to much work and jointing them together would put the game in an awkward state of an extra seating/table build category on top of the standalones.
    One example is I would like a bench along wall outside front door or inside in the 3x hallway, but it sticks to far out. Same for chairs. Stools are better.

  • I would indeed prefer to have attacks fixed to colony level so that they don’t attack forever. At least until improvements are made.

  • I have a colonist with only two traits left to purchase, they cost 4 and 5 points. He’s been having a wish to spend satisfaction points for years. I’m trying to save up 4-5 points for the last traits. Given how precious satisfaction points are I completely ignore the left side options.
    Maybe I should take away some belongings from settlers so that they once again will ask for bedroom furniture, cause really this whole satisfaction system is… like running the treadmill when you live in a beautiful forest to take a jog in.

  • Either seating sticks to far out or when placed into a table it is to close to the table. Decorating multiple houses, seating category is pretty much regarded as broken and cannot be used unless in special situations (stool outside), and most often to accommodate a table.

  • Teleporting colonists should be easy to reproduce. Not important though, only happened when i had all 11 colonists preparing and going for the large camp. They kept doing it after loading save also. All colonists was on “wait here” being given a new “wait here” command to move to the front of enemy camp. Game paused while giving commands, teleport happen when pressing play.

  • No they shouldn’t starve by accident. You get notified that a colonist is starving. This is easy to balance, but affects the difficulty as you need to be aware. You already need to be aware, and unless you play on easy mode it is no doubt how it should be. If you manually tell your miner to mine, you get a report of him starving and you ignore this report. This is the players fault for letting the miner starve. The game worked flawlessly following his command to mine.
    Of course automation should still be a thing and manual should only rarely be used, like when you want your farmers to get that wheat instead of chatting, sleeping, eating etc. Cause really they don’t need a chat now, they can still be awake for a while and certainly isn’t dying from hunger, but still choose to ignore command to harvest wheat 5 seconds after having been given the command. This is all over the game constantly and it is really annoying having to zoo these colonists with an attention span of a monkey.

  • 10 tiles oh dear sounds like i can build a full fledged house inside some of my rooms :smiley:

Now for something else… I am in the plans of making multiple topics, unless someone beat me to it… I will need the help of everyone to participate. Though be warned I will follow some basic rules and guidelines for them and have to look past requests that doesn’t fit in. Like please don’t wish for a TV to be added as furniture. Please respect technology level.
I won’t include tips and tricks that the game otherwise make apparent and FAQ entries need some level of universal appliance to count.
That being said, no question are to silly and ideas are better than no ideas. If you think your input should have more attention do not hesitate to tell.

  • Tips & Tricks - Categorized
  • FAQ / Q&A - Categorized
  • Desired Features - Categorized

Alright, thanks for the input :slight_smile:

  • Chair-Table: I think they might choose some random chair and prioritze this one all the time, i.e. they are not always looking for the closest one, but simply choose one to prioritize for no specific reason at the moment. Maybe this is what’s annoying you? When I have a colony with only chairs and tables, they seem to work fine?
  • Teleports: If it’s still happening after saving and loading, it’s probably easy to fix. You could send me your save file and tell me how to reproduce it.

About the multiple topics: It’s not recommended to sticky a whole lot of topics, so I’m thinking to create one sticky topic, which contains links to some of our most important topics. I’ll list your topics as community-maintained, if that’s fine with you?

At the moment I’m building so many chairs everywhere and use known working table solutions so doesn’t bother me much. However, they will take food from closest house and sit down to eat in it whenever hungry.
A square table with 4 chairs around is never used. A square table with one chair on each opposite long side of table will be used.
It is the positioning from walls that is my gripe.

Will see if I can get the save file sorted today.

Do as you wish with topics. I just jumped at it really. And I consider them templates. Especially the FAQ as I find it should be “under your belt”. Sort it out how you find best. Community maintained sound fine.

Also won’t mind if many of these posts/topics back and forth are deleted to reduce the clutter :slight_smile:

And. I’m noticing some overlapping graphics. Like the hedge on outside wall show on inside of wall. Tell if you want this sort of graphical error reported.

You’ve probably seen it already, but I linked them in this pinned topic:

We’ll just see how it goes. Depending on which topics are utilized or not, we’ll keep them in the forum guide or let them go be buried.
We can each add on to the FAQ when we find something that should be there.

Seems to work fine for me:

Is that the situation you’re describing?

hehe not quite. considering you actually have colonists sitting there :smiley:

Makes me wonder if you told them to sit or if they do so willingly? And if they have other seating available.

Whether chairs with armrests matter I don’t know. I don’t test much by manually telling colonists to sit, but observe what they use.
Positioning is highly relevant to what they will use I believe. For example one of my colonists have a simple chair in the end of his bed and he love to use that chair even if there’s a chair and table right in front of that and it would be more easily available from food, just not so close to bed.

Yeah, they went there automatically and no, there are no other chairs around.
I think I know what you’re observing. It’s just the AI chair choosing that can be strange.