Performance issue?

Hi, fellow colonists!
I finally bought the game from Steam, opened a bottle of beer and prepared to enjoy… But after about 10 minutes I got my monitor turned of. Video card was so hot that i could fry an egg on it.
how comes that Age of Wonders:Planetfall does not heat my video card, while FF does?

I have had 32 hours of playtime and until now no problems with overheating … maybe the problem lies somewhere else

Interesting, I’ve ran into an issue where my CPU usage peaked very high when running the game (and thus also temps went up) but after the last update or so it has not re-occurred. You say you bought it on Steam so you should have the most current version.

I’d recommed to monitor GPU/CPU temps and usage when playing to get a history and then compare it to other games demands.

Hi Astrotroth,

Seems this problem has popped up again:

Try restarting your computer as this sometimes resolves some issues.

I’m just wondering if this is a Steam issue, as it doesn’t seem to be FF’s game requirements - just a thought :see_no_evil:

Yeah, so in workload for the GPU, not much has acutally changed in the last few updates.
It’s possible I messed up the CPU workload at some point, but since most people don’t have any issue, I suspect that’s fine, too.

Now, first of all you should check that you have vsync on in the settings. If that is off, your computer will try to run FF as fast as possible, not matter how hot it gets or how much power it draws.

If vsync is on, it will limit calculations so that the frames match your screen refresh rate and your computer shouldn’t run as hot.

If you would like to try running it even slower, you can turn on “slow vsync” which limits calculations until only every second frame is displayed, using up even less resources.

Other than that, cleaning the fans from dust is often a good idea and monitoring and comparing perfomance with tools. If you can show me that FF draws 100% of your CPU, for example, I would know something is off with the game.

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Strange thing, but now it’s okay. Guess it was Windows update. Dunno why it caused the monitor to turn off.

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