My first experience

Hey Dev guys :slight_smile:

Right now I have a few hours in the game, have 6 villagers and have everything researched up to the advanced cooking (which is the first of I research so far on the tree).
So far the only real problem I have with the game is how tools are simply thrown on the ground and that their is no option to select all villagers in case of battle.
Maybe it is an option to let people automatically switch to the needed equipment when given a certain job; like axe for forester and pickaxe for miners.

Last remark, I have the feeling that the way farming is balanced right now, is going to “hurt” me later. Right now I have 2 rows of 7 for tomato and 2 rows for potato, and I just placed 10 healing plants with a well and the watering cans available. I use 3 farmers to keep up with growth, which I think is a bit much for 6 people.

a happy player :slight_smile:

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moreover, when a colonist is told to take a tool, if he is already equipped, he will not take it. Why not let go of the tool to take the new one?

If you tell a colonist to pick up a tool while he already have a tool equipped, he will walk up to the tool you told him to pick up, drop the current held tool and pickup the new.

Using this method you can gather your weapons in a “make combat ready” area and whenever you are under attack tell your colonists to pick up the weapons there. Also makes it much easier to keep their default tools under control. “Wait here” command is really useful compared to “go here”

Use a colonist to “clean up” tools and weapons by taking advantage of the unequip button in the places you want the tools.

I understand but I do not find it practical, too long. A colon who is equipped with a weapon and in “soldier” mode does not work automatically, I am obliged to assign him another job when there is no attack. And when the enemies attack me, they have already had time to attack me while I have not yet equipped my settlers.
Or it would be convenient to be able to equip them with a working tool AND a weapon at the same time. It’s just an idea.

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Welcome to the forum @Weerwolfboy!
A lot of people have already requested tool management: Feedback: Tool Management

We’re aware of it, but it’s not gameplay criticial, so it’s on our list, but we’ll see if it’s in the next update.
Same goes for combat @Lenoa, right now you can fight well by micromanaging your colonists. Be sure to pause often and watch what your colonists are doing during an attack.

Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you’re enjoying the game :smiley:

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Thanks for the response.
I have to agree it’s not critical, so I understand if you guys wait to “fix” it.

Now I have seen Malhalla notice the “wait here” command, I remember I had some problems with that. The colons not always want to wait, so I tell them to relax instead.
Also when I tell a colon to “remove all dead plants” they often tend to remove only 1 before going back to soiling or harvesting other plants, while their are still 10 dead plants left.

And do you have any gameplay critical points you guys need some feedback on? Right now I’m simply playing, without focussing in something particular, so if you know something to focus on feel free to tell me. :slight_smile:

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Yea I can’t help myself replying… Hoping @Daniel have more important things to do :slight_smile:

Excellent points @Weerwolfboy. I will be mixing in the use of “relax” from now on. Nice one.

I have also noticed that farmers have very low priority on removing dead plants. I believe it is for good and mixed reasons.
First it is most important to plant new in available soil as soon as possible, watering is second important, removing dead plants is third. (you don’t need to tend a new field if your not taking advantage of those you got already right?)
Colonists will always prioritize in this order. If you have dead plants that never get taken, that mean your farmers have more than enough work already and prioritize that first.

It is also likely that a different farmer already have the task of cleaning up the dead plants pending, thus the one you try to make do it really won’t under the automatic system, as one is already assigned.
You notice at the arrival of winter they all start removing all dead plants as then there is nothing to harvest, seed or water.

This is also where advanced farming come into play, which can net you a lot more food.
As your colonists can’t predict seasons they will try to plant new and water instead of harvesting those pumpkins that will be spoiled in a minute by the arrival of winter. This also really matters for apple “farming”. Keywords is “manual farming”

Take some time to consider how much time your farmers actually spend on tomatoes, potatoes and healing plants. Are you sure you need as many of those as you have? Strawberries are more important, for a short period of time…

Still. I believe you can work around the cleaning plants issue by chain commanding the colonist to remove dead plants one by one while holding shift button. (not tested)

That being said. I do think the colonist should listen to your command and remove all the dead plants. What do you think?
Similar during a bug infestation, a colonist commanded to clean up should not decide to go to sleep/eat in the middle of it. Yes, I’m pushing an agenda here. @Daniel knows :slight_smile:

Personally I’m heavily interested in strange colonist behavior, like those you just explained. Also minor glitches and distinct missing features like a water bucket. @Daniel is who you should first of all listen and report to so do not let me hijack his feedback :blush:

I know what you mean by them prioritizing more important tasks and I am aware of this myself. I allready used it only at the end of fall, when I think there is no use in planting or taking care of other plants at that point. I will try chaining them tho :wink:
Although I don’t mind this too much, I think that for those bug infests it is much more important that they obey my commands.

I have had a bit too much plants being farmed the first 2 years, but it has given me a decent surplus that I can start experiment now. I now have 2 rows of 7 of everything (str, po, to, pum), except for healing plants, which I have 10. I manage this pretty ok with 3 colons.

What do you mean by a water bucket feature? Cause there is a well and a watering can, which you can craft, but it doesn’t show on the soil if it has been watered or not (minor detail).

I just lost an attack btw… although nobody died and everybody KO’d it still felt like dying.
The 2 goblins had almost half of my village destroyed before my colons where back up, resulting in them being downed by 1 hit quickly and the goblins continue to destroy.
At the end there was nothing left and my 8 colons were left with little health, no beds and too little resources to build up fast enough before they started to rebel.
So I have stopped for now and will load up my latest save tomorrow and try again.

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Don’t despair @Weerwolfboy, it’s still doable if you want to try :smiley:

Oh, don’t worry… I allready started a new game again…
This time encountered a glitch with my only simple wooden chair (first stump in the list) in the colony. I have 4 colons and only colon number 2 sometimes blocks others from using the chair (saying that somebody else is using it), but after letting number 2 sit a moment everybody can use it again, before it happens again some time later.

thanks for reporting that. If the chair is still blocked after saving and reloading, you can send me your save file to investigate

I’m sorry some bad English there. I meant with bucket that it is an item obviously missing from the game. At least I find it so. It’s not like we need it like you say, but for decoration even :slight_smile:

That’s quite the story you have there. Sounds like you had some fun, although mixed with despair hehe
I always save before combat and if one of my colonist die i reload. If your not using any bow the colonists fight alright by themselves. Then when all is KO your colonists with killer trait can have their bloodlust fulfilled :slight_smile:

It fixes itself if I let number 2 go sit on it for a moment. But the glitch appears some time later again, so I have to put number 2 on the chair again to unblock it.
But if it appears today I will try save/load to see if that fixes the problem as well.

Edit: Tested… Save/Load solves the issue

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I have noticed something and I don’t know if that is on purpose or not.
I still have 4 colons and just survived my first winter.
Shortly after I had accepted my fourth colon into the colony the first 3 started to ask for better beds and campfire food. My new 4th colon joined me in the summer and he still hasn’t upgraded his needs.

Over the winter I have build seperate homes for everybody, up till than I had them all bunked up in a 7x5 house. I have fullfilled all their new wishes according to new furniture they all wanted. Still number 4 hasn’t upgraded it’s needs.

Is this done on purpose, since he is still considered “new” to the colony, or should he want to have campfire food and a nice bed by now?

PS. From now on I have more than 1 chair for my 4 colons, so I let you know if a chair gets blocked again :wink:

PPS. Just gotten my 5th colon and now everybody wants to have a proper bed and campfire food.

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bonjour à tous, je viens de commencer le jeu et pour l’instant, c’est classe.

par contre,es ce un bug ou pas, je m’explique, quand dans leur souhait il me demande une chaise (une table, étagère), je l’installe mais cela ne marche pas. pourquoi?

autrement, continuer comme ca ( exemple d idée: métier de pêche)

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Thanks for testing save/load @Weerwolfboy. If you can find out how I could reproduce it, that’d be awesome. The question is, what do I need to make the colonist do so that it happens?

The other thing you were talking about is on purpose. Their expectations are based on how long they’ve been in the colony. The respectable elders get all the comfort first :smiley:

Hi @soldierbattosai welcome ot the forum! :slight_smile:

We prefer to keep everything in english here to make it easier for everyone. If you don’t know english very well, you can use google translate or something similar to help you out :slight_smile:

@soldierbattosai: To have those wishes fullfilled their bed needs to be inside. If you place the chair in the house where their bed is, their wishes should be completed.

@Daniel: I’m not sure how to reproduce the glitch. It just seemed to happen at random when I have just 1 chair for 4 colons. So you could try to keep 4 colons for a while with only one chair, the glitch should appear sooner or later than. I have noticed the glitch 3 times now in 2 seasons time.

Is it also done on purpose that as soon as I get a fifth colon that from that moment on everybody has the same high expectations? Cause as soon as I accepted a 5th colon everybody, also the new 5th colon, had their expectations raised to want proper beds and cooked food.
In other words: Once reached 5 colons it doesn’t seem their expectations are based on their time being in the colony anymore.

@Weerwolfboy The expectations are still different. Look at life statisfaction or their job expectations. But new migrants have a higer initial level of expectations, that’s true :slight_smile:

Ah ok noticed :slight_smile:

Just paused the game at the right moment, by accident to show this dead body dragging glitch, the body got stuck at the outside corner of a house, but the colon still managed to bury him :stuck_out_tongue:

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