Friday Dev News #20 - Upgrades

Hello everyone!

This week we’re bringing you a large set of new buildings and technologies to upgrade your city. They are not strictly necessary to complete the game, but make the job significantly easier:

For example, the self cleaning solar panels free up some of your workforce to take on other jobs instead of taking care of the solar power plant.

Check out the changelog for details on every new upgrade:


  • Recycling Center: Re-use some of your industrial waste and use fewer resources
  • Soil Enrichment Facility: Prepare the soil in your farms to get much larger harvests
  • Improved Wind Turbine Blades: Put wind turbines closer to each other
  • Self Cleaning Solar Panels: Reduce the workforce on your solar plants
  • Industrial Robots: Replace some of your workforce by robots
  • High Tech Tools: Increase productivity of your factories
  • Fast Neutron Reactor: An upgraded version of the nuclear reactor, supplies even more power
  • Small + Large Mines: The game starts out with small mines, but you can unlock larger mines to extract more resources
  • Oxygen + Carbon Processors: Choose which particles you want to filter from the atmosphere

Other New Things

  • Home Appliances: Tech tree reworked. Citizens now require home appliances before requesting computers and parks.
  • While building, the game displays the access road that is going to be placed
  • On mountains, buildings are no longer stuck inside the terrain. Instead they tilt according to the terrain below
  • Highlighting buildings that are about to be moved
  • New music track, more exciting style
  • New models for concrete factory, steel mill, and iridium alloy factory

Balancing, other changes

  • increased power pole and power substation supply radius
  • increased production speed for meat lab
  • habitats 3-6 don’t hold as many people anymore
  • wind turbines need fewer workers
  • music tracks randomized better


  • fixed a bug where buildings couldn’t be placed after loading game
  • fixed a bug where the nuclear power plant would keep producing power after uranium ran out

For now, most of the new buildings just have some temporary graphics, but let me assure you they work just as well! :smiley:

We got a full changelog this week, so I hope you enjoy the new additions!
As always, if you find any bugs, let me know.


Ran into an issue with this build… the unlock for aluminum mines is in the level 3 city… need aluminum to complete level 2…
Otherwise, I like this new build :slight_smile:

Haha, @Rixx I appreciate the report, but check the research tree again and tell me for what factory in level 2 you need aluminium :wink:

Science pack 2 factory :smiley:

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Ohhhh, that is a mistake!
Haha, that’s embarassing :smiley:

Luckily you don’t need it to complete level 2 since you can unlock and make the home appliances without aluminium. But of course the science pack factory should be functional without unlocking level 3.

Curious about the occasional stretch of road rising up on stilts - I know this happens, but it can make it impossible to place farms/other building exactly where I want them…
Edit:- Sorry , wrong thread

Good too see more buildings being released to help flesh out the builds. Keep up the great work.

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Just released Alpha 5.10.42 with a fix so that sciencePack2 factories don’t require aluminium anymore.

Love the new upgrades. It change my strategy and progression order to build the city

The “Self Cleaning Solar Panels” is good to have. Note that after the research, had a large power loss until the upgrade cycle was completed.

Traffic sound can not be adjusted using the Audio Sound Effects setting.

When the Habitat levels up, all of the trucks delivering to the habitat, disappear. Including the Inhabitants truck.

When placing Mines, the Yellow Highlight for invalid placement is not shown.

I am using the Large Mines, they are working great.
I notice that the workers for the Copper Mines increased by 3.5x while the others increased by 1.6x.