Flying Goblin

Well it seems I have more gremlins in my goblins :stuck_out_tongue:

After a battle I noticed this goblin floating through some trees, which I thought was fascinating until it went out over the ocean, thus only pics of flying over ocean.

Some research and I did find this old article Colonist teleports into ocean but unsure if the events are similar ?

I imagine it is another ragdoll issue, though the only building near the fight was a watchtower, so unsure what triggered the angel flight…

He is the Messiah! :pray: :bowing_man::grin:.

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Haha, hi @thomasjohn

  • ‘He’s not the Messiah’

  • ‘He’s a very naughty boy’

  • the life of brian

Yes, he flew right off the screen and was gone.

Also notice that the goblin is fully armored and armed with a bow, even though I ordered the removal of all the weapons. Didn’t get the others either, grumble grumble, more gremlins in the goblins :smiling_imp:

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Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin :rofl:

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@Astatroth - yes I think the green cooking vessel of the goblins is actually the formula that Norman the green goblin used originally - we may be on the verge of super-goblins :wink:

More flying goblins - 2 x in the last fight with no ‘death gas’ released when they were flying.

and the other one

Also had a problem with the ‘game mode’ button being released for at least 10 seconds yet still not allowing some Foundies freedom.

As can be seen in this image, the time of day has advanced to night time.

Two had removed armor but wouldn’t do anything, others were just stuck in the field, while a couple of others were returning to their homes to unequip.

Also had a bowman stuck in a tower (again) and had to delete a confused tower that would not relocate or go back to the original spot.

I will try and run the game again a few more times to try and work out the problem - seems to be more ragdoll issues.

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@roo Thanks for the reports, it seems there is something strange going on here.
When multiple issues like that appear, it might be that there is something invisible broken in the code, which prevents some of the processing of the game.

Would you mind sending me the save, so I can investigate it?
Here is a tutorial: How to find your screenshots and savegames

Also, make sure you don’t overwrite all of your saves of this colony in case one of the saves might be corrupted.

Hi Daniel,

Have emailed you the original game file :slight_smile:

The pic below shows 2 goblins up against a tower, which I thought may have caused some problems.

But replaying the game there are still problems with the ‘attack mode’ button and flying goblins, etc

Anyway, good luck with the file :smiley:

Edit: for the last few game years I have been able to remove goblin weapons and armor but they are not saved in the inventory - is this also a bug ?

PS: this post is mainly for anyone else following this discussion

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Thanks. And yeah, I can confirm you can no longer get goblin weapons and that’s a bug I introduced in 9.1 by mistake. Sorry!


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added new ones


PS: I know what I’m talking about, I’m a developer too :wink:

Haha, that’s how it goes :smiley:

We actually do have some automatic tests, but … not everywhere :wink: