Early access release

Continuing the discussion from Friday Dev News #20 - Upgrades:

New look is really great, makes the entire landscape look so much more realistic.
This game is so advanced with such a lot of playable content that I’m surprised that you haven’t released it into early access yet? I have bought numerous early access games on Steam that are nowhere near as complete or good as this. The concern for you should be that if you allow too many people access to this free alpha then they might consider it not worth buying the game when you do eventually release it as you have allowed them to do so much already. However it is such a promising game that I hope this doesn’t happen but personally I would like to see it released into EA soon. Thanks for your hard work.

Thanks a lot for saying this. It’s a great vote of confidence when I see a player saying it’s time to charge money.

At the moment we’re still focused on making the game better as much as we can, but you can expect an Early Access release within the next 1.5 months or so :slight_smile:

I truly believe that the game even in it’s current early access state is well worth paying for and at the moment I have stopped playing as I want to purchase it before I’ve seen too much. Good luck when you do release it. Cheers.

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